‎How to stop your smartphone from recording‎ you

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Are you absolutely sure your cell phone doesn’t ‎‎listen‎‎ to you all the time? No, this is not some strange conspiracy theory but a reality of the technological era in which we live, with ‎‎smartphones evolving‎‎ into the rather ‎‎more necessary objects of our everyday life.‎‎ Just this year, ‎‎Apple faced a small but significant crisis‎‎, when it became known that ‎‎its developers had access to several of Siri’s recordings; even in cases of people having sex.‎

After that, Cupertino’s ‎‎position was how the company’s policy would change‎‎. With the ‎‎rise of artificial intelligence and digital assistants‎‎ it is ‎‎almost given‎‎ that there will be ‎‎an increasingly greater realm of privacy violations due to technology‎‎, which is ‎‎reinforced by the ever-increasing lack of transparency among the Silicon Valley giants‎‎.‎

So if storing any audio data without your knowledge is something that concerns you, you ought to know that ‎‎there is a way to prevent ‎‎it. The ‎‎developers of smartphones have taken care of this, offering options to remove voice function and even with great accuracy‎‎.

To help you, here’s a ‎‎complete guide‎‎ to make sure you have complete ‎‎control of your device’s microphone‎‎. ‎


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In the case of Apple’s popular device, it’s not just Siri that interests you, as many apps seek to connect to the microphone, even if for some of them there’s absolutely no reason for that to happen.

‎How do you prevent apps from using the microphone‎‎:‎

  1. Go ‎‎to Settings‎‎.‎
  2. ‎Select ‎‎Privacy‎‎.‎
  3. Select ‎‎Microphone‎‎.‎
  4. ‎Check which ‎‎applications are ‎‎”authorized”‎‎ and disable them‎‎.‎

‎How to disable Siri On IOS 12 and 11‎‎:‎

  1. Go to ‎‎Settings‎‎.‎
  2. Select ‎‎Siri & Search‎‎.‎
  3. ‎Un-select Listen for Hey Siri, Press Home for Siri and Allow Siri When Locked‎‎.‎
  4. Select ‎‎Turn Off Siri ‎‎when the question appears. ‎

How to disable Siri On IOS 10‎‎:‎

  1. ‎Go to ‎‎Settings‎‎.‎
  2. ‎Select ‎‎General‎‎.‎
  3. ‎Select ‎‎Siri‎‎.‎
  4. ‎‎Select ‎‎Turn Off Siri‎‎.‎

‎How do you disable Dictation‎‎:‎

  1. ‎Go to ‎‎Settings‎‎.‎
  2. ‎‎Select ‎‎General‎‎.‎
  3. ‎Select ‎‎Keyboard‎‎.‎
  4. Un-select Enable Dictation‎‎.‎
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‎How do you forbid apps from using the microphone‎‎:‎

  1. Go to ‎‎Settings‎‎.‎
  2. ‎Select ‎‎Privacy‎‎.‎
  3. ‎Select ‎‎Permissions Manager‎‎.‎
  4. ‎Select ‎‎Microphone‎‎.‎
  5. ‎Select ‎‎every application under THE ALLOWED‎‎, you want to stop using your microphone. ‎

‎How to stop Google Now Playing feature‎‎:‎

‎In fact you ‎‎can’t cut it completely, but you can make it stop appearing on the lock screen and ‎to ‎”Connect”‎‎ with notifications‎‎. ‎‎Google claims that the information is never leaked, not even to the company itself even for applications that work like “Shazam”‎.‎

‎How to remove Now Playing‎‎:‎

  1. ‎Go to ‎‎Settings‎‎.‎
  2. ‎Select ‎‎Sound‎‎.‎
  3. ‎Select ‎‎Now Playing‎‎.‎
  4. ‎Un-select Show songs on lock screen‎‎.‎

‎Android devices (Samsung, Huawei, etc.)‎‎:‎

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‎How to stop Google Voice Assistant on Android‎‎:‎

  1. ‎Go to ‎‎Settings‎‎.‎
  2. ‎Select ‎‎Google‎‎.‎
  3. ‎Select ‎‎Search under the Services header‎‎.‎

‎How to hear all the data Google has recorded‎‎:‎

  1. ‎You ‎‎login to My Google Activity‎‎, which maintains a database of your online activity.‎
  2. ‎‎Select the ‎‎Date & Product Filters‎‎.‎
  3. ‎‎Select ‎‎Deselect All‎‎.‎
  4. ‎‎Select ‎‎Voice & Audio‎‎.‎
  5. ‎Select ‎‎Apply‎‎.‎
  6. ‎‎Select ‎‎Voice and Audio‎‎.‎
  7. ‎Select View recording and press play‎‎.‎
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