How to get the most out of your old smartphone

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Data show that smartphones worldwide are down significantly from the previous year, with 3.2%. Nor has the launch of the iPhone 11 helped substantially in the opposite direction, with consumers increasingly prolonging the life of their old cellphone. At the same time, mid-range smartphones have the largest market share, with prices ranging from €350-500.

In any case, relatively old devices that are still functional can be used or considered adequate even in the ever-changing modern times, in more than one way. Like the following.

‎”Wi-Fi security cameras”‎‎ are gaining ground ‎‎and are ‎‎extremely versatile. They can be ‎‎replaced by a smartphone,‎‎ which ‎‎through the app can be connected to another device.‎‎ Just remember that it should always be plugged in, as one of the most common problems with used mobile phones is the problematic battery.

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Another similar use is that of the “car video camera”, which is growing in popularity in markets such as the United States and Russia. Having the camera activated on the mobile, along with a program like “Autoboy Dash Cam” or “Autoguard Dash Cam”, the user has a great help in avoiding difficulties while driving. That is, it has a much more updated GPS.

A smartphone can also play the role of a “signal amplifier for Wi-Fi”. An app like “Netshare” is enough.

The most obvious and lucrative solution is of course to sell your old phone, though almost no one wants to spend time fooling around on eBay.

The most courageous decision, however, is to donate a device that you do not need to a friend who needs it and is unable to buy a new phone. Before you do this, don’t forget to just reset your smartphone to factory settings.

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