How fast is my Internet and what is the ideal speed I need?

How fast is my Internet and what is the ideal speed I need?
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A general truth is that for “online” games and “video streaming” in 4K resolution, your Internet connection must be fast and reliable, says a statement from Devolo, about a big issue for users.

As noted by the company that produces “WiFi 6 repeaters” and “Powerline”:

“Constant interruptions while watching a movie and slow response times of a game can be infuriating. At this point, the question arises, is the network connection advertised by the network providers really being provided and what is the necessary bandwidth it should have?”

The key points, the company says, are:

  • How does the speedometer work?
  • How can you get the most reliable results?
  • How much speed do I really need?
  • How do I get the network exactly where I want it?

A variety of easy tools are available to check your Internet speed without having to sign up. One such recommended tool is “” by “Ookla”.

How does the speedometer work?

“Speed tests transfer data between the test server and the local device to determine the upload and download rates as well as the ping rate. An important factor in choosing the right server is its proximity to your location and keeping the transmission path as short as possible. Since speed test tools usually automatically select the most suitable server, changing the server is only recommended if the results differ significantly or are far below expectations.”,

notes Devolo and adds:

How can you get the most reliable results?

Follow the rules below to get the most reliable speed test results.

  • Do the test at different times of the day

Speeds can vary depending on the time of day, especially when connecting to the Internet via cable, where bandwidth is shared in different places. This is especially common, especially in the afternoons, when most people are at home doing online activities. For the best possible results, it is best to perform multiple tests.

  • Perform the measurement using an “Ethernet” cable connection.

As “WiFi” can be affected by many external factors, we can get the best measurement results by connecting the computer to the “router” via an “Ethernet” cable.

But be careful: Old “Cat 5” cables and slow computers can significantly hinder speed performance. For maximum accuracy, test speeds using a “Cat 5e” (or better) cable connection and a fast computer.

  • Avoid interference

Another way to ensure reliable results is to restart the computer and the router before the measurement. This move also helps to reduce the current data usage through the router. A good solution is to disconnect any mobile device, close all computer “apps” and clear the “cache” before each test, so you can be sure that the “data” does not affect the results of the speed tests.

How much speed do I really need?

The first answer given to such a question is that the faster the speed, the better. But at what speed do the common devices we all use actually need to work?

  • Video streaming

For HD or full HD video streaming, three to five Mbps is generally sufficient depending on the streaming provider. However, for high-resolution movies, 4K is necessary from 15 to 25.

  • Music streaming

Speeds from 2 to 6 Mbps are enough for streaming music and podcasts.

  • Online gaming

For sure victory in “gaming”, 25 to 50 Mbit/s are necessary

  • Home office

Clear and uninterrupted video calls from the office to home require 10 Mbit/s and to upload a file to the company server, speeds of 25 Mbit/s are recommended.

How do I get the network exactly where I want it?

Since you find that the Internet provider provides you with large network bandwidth, the question arises of how the Internet will reach the places where it is needed. Routers are usually located in corners of the house or even in the basement.


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