How close are we to a foldable iPhone?

How close are we to a foldable iPhone?
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Is there finally in Apple’s plans to create a foldable iPhone 12?

This is a question that until some time ago was closer to the realm of the imaginary, than to a more viable approach to Apple’s next big smartphone, which is becoming the hottest topic in the technological world for the difficult -due to the coronavirus pandemic- this year.

Now, however, it may be realistic, at least considering what the very well-informed insider of the American company and technology analyst Jon Prosser claims.

The new information

According to Prosser, who in the past has taken a hard line on public information, Apple intends to take it very seriously to experiment with a prototype foldable iPhone and probably move directly towards its development.

In fact, Prosser points out that the most likely possibility is the creation of a mobile phone with two screens; one for each side of the “folding”.

It is also rumored that Apple has been in discussions for a few weeks about a possible partnership with Corning (a company that manufactures “Gorilla Glass”).


The American company from Cupertino has at times unveiled the most impressive new devices as well as features that made sense.

However, we recall that companies like Samsung, Huawei and Motorola are way ahead of this track even from Apple with models such as “Motorola Razr”, “Huawei Mate XS”, “Samsung Galaxy Fold” and “Z Flip”, “LG DualScreen”, being the most characteristic of the genre.

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