Google: users’ personal videos sent to strangers due to a technical problem

Google: Send users personal videos to strangers due to a technical problem
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Google apologized after a bug was discovered that resulted in some users’ personal videos being accidentally shared with others.

This problem affected Google Takeout, which allows Google Photos users to export the content of their accounts for four days, between November 21 and November 25, 2019.

Google has said that those who used it may have received either an incomplete file or some videos that were not their own. However, it was not clear how many accounts were affected; although a company spokesman told the BBC it was “below 0.01%” (100,000) of one billion Google Photos users. As it became known, only videos were affected, not photos or other data.

“We have corrected the issue and carried out an in-depth analysis to avoid this in the future. We’re sorry this happened”,

the company said in a statement.

In a related message to those affected, Google recommends deleting the exported data and re-performing the process.

As the Guardian notes, Google Photos provides the ability to store an unlimited number of images in exchange for access to photos for the purposes of machine learning models. The company recently started testing a service in North America where users can have 10 photos of themselves each month, selected by algorithms, printed and sent for $8 a month.

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