‎Google: Simultaneous damage to two cables the cause for yesterday’s problems‎

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Simultaneous cutting of two fiber optic cables in distant areas between them‎‎ -something very unusual- was the ‎‎reason that users of Google services (Gmail, Drive etc.) experienced a problem of online access‎‎ for a short time on Thursday (19/12/2019) in ‎‎several Eastern European and Mediterranean countries (Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, etc.), as made known by the company.‎

The ‎‎one glitch occurred between Iran and Romania‎‎, while the ‎‎other was in a line in Munich, Germany.‎

Iran’s telecommunication infrastructure company rerouted the Internet traffic through other cables that were operating and the problem lasted no more than two hours.‎

Google’s own services have not been affected for over half an hour, according to the BBC.‎

The ‎‎company asked Internet access providers to connect to other servers to bypass the problem.‎

‎No explanation‎‎ has been given so far how two fiber optic cables were cut simultaneously in such distant places. ‎

‎Occasionally, however, such damage occurs accidentally, e.g. during construction work.‎

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