‎Google prepares to say goodbye to Cloud Print service‎

‎© naftemporiki.gr Google prepares to say goodbye to Cloud Print service‎

In ‎‎2020, Google’s remote printing service is expected to enter the ‎‎timeshare of technological history‎‎. ‎

‎”Cloud Print”‎ is a ‎‎service that Google offered free to anyone who had a Gmail account and made it possible to print documents with Google “Chrome”, even if a printer didn’t have an Internet connection on its own, as long as it was connected to a computer or other device running “Chrome”.

This was a service that never ‎‎lost its beta rating‎‎, although it was ‎‎launched on the internet since 2010‎‎ and was ‎‎characterized by many as a highly practical choice for both desktop and mobile users‎‎. ‎

Google has announced the end of this service that was found preinstalled on Google “Chrome OS”‎‎, which caused a ‎‎variety of reactions from Twitter users and elsewhere‎‎. There were not a few who ‎‎expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that this possibility would cease to exist from 31 December 2020 onwards‎‎. ‎

By the time these lines were written, ‎‎Google had not given a formal answer to the question of the reasons that led‎‎ to that decision. It is not, however, this first time that ‎‎Google‎‎ chooses to put an end to one of its online services, often without giving sufficient explanations of the reasons that led to such a decision. ‎

‎Several ‎‎analysts comment that a measure that Google has taken into account in order to stop a service such as “Cloud Print” is the number of its users versus competition‎‎, or even the ‎‎possibility of presenting something more complete in the future‎‎. ‎

‎Whatever is true, however, ‎‎Google “Cloud Print” will be past by the end of next year‎‎. ‎

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