‎Google: New artificial intelligence system detects lung diseases‎

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A ‎‎new artificial intelligence system of Google Health‎‎ -subsidiary of Google in the field ‎‎of “smart”‎‎ health- ‎‎can study X-rays of lungs and draw conclusions as reliable as those of experienced radiologists.‎‎ ‎‎Google’s deep learning system,‎‎ according to its creators, can be a valuable assistant to physicians in the future.‎

The ‎‎researchers‎‎ -who published the study in the journal ‎‎«Radiology»‎‎ of the Radiological Society of North America‎‎- ‎‎trained their system by feeding it with more than 860,000 X-rays.‎ ‎Lung X-rays are among the most commonly performed tests worldwide, but have some limitations.

‎”We found that the subjective factor in the interpretation of this X-ray, which limits its effectiveness, is greatly involved,” ‎

Google Health’s chief researcher Sravia Ceti said.‎

‎”Lung x-rays are often interpreted in a subjective way, something problematic from the perspective of deep learning. We have managed to produce a system that makes a more reliable evaluation”,

‎said ‎‎his colleague, Daniel Che.‎

‎The ‎‎tests of the system by the Committee of Radiologists showed that it manages at least as well as the doctors‎‎ in detecting various problems (diagnosis of fractures, nodules, tumors, pneumothorax, etc.).‎

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