Google gave control of cooling its data centers into artificial intelligence

© Google commissioned cooling its data centers into artificial intelligence

Google gave control of cooling in several of the data centers in an algorithm of artificial intelligence, as it became known last week.
According to MIT Technology Review, in recent years, Google has been testing an algorithm that “learns” how to better adapt the operation of its cooling systems to reduce energy consumption. This system previously operated by making recommendations to data center managers, who decided whether or not to follow them, resulting in a 40% energy savings in these systems. Now the company has practically given control over the algorithm, which manages to cool in several of the data centers on its own.
“This is the first time an autonomous industrial control system is growing to such an extent as we know”
said Mustafa Suleyman, head of AI in DeepMind, owned by Google in 2014. This particular program demonstrates the capabilities of artificial intelligence in infrastructure management and control – and shows how advanced AI systems can work with people: Although the algorithm works independently, it supervises a person who intervenes if he sees something dangerous. The algorithm exploits an artist known as reinforcement learning, in which he “learns” through trial and error. The same approach was also used for “Alpha Go”, the “DeepMind” program that has made great victories against world champions of the well-known Chinese strategy game table, “Go”. “DeepMind” gave the algorithm information from many data centers of Google and let him determine what settings would result in energy reduction. This program could save millions of dollars in terms of energy consumption, and it is estimated that it could help the company reduce its carbon emissions, according to Joe Kava, vice president of data centers on Google.   Source:
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