‎Google brings the new era of AR‎

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A fascinating augmented reality, which leaves nothing out of the way, not even the slightest detail, and -most of all- is reliable.

This is the key issue, and the latest news coming from ARCore, Google’s platform responsible for creating AR (Augmented Reality) experiences, says that with the introduction of the new Google “Depth API” (e.n.: application programming interface), Augmented Reality takes it to the next level: we can’t really separate it from real space and time.

The specialized “The Verge” presented the subject in detail based on the latest developments and came to some interesting conclusions. AR objects are little different from normal objects, and their integration into the space and with what is around them (such as curtains or furniture) is truly impressive. The new, powerful “Depth API” changes the AR experience data, as it is able to read even the smallest detail in its quest to present to us as “real” augmented reality as possible.

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Google is preparing an algorithm that will enable even devices with a single camera to enter AR’s game via ARCore‎‎. Of course, they will need to be quite new and equipped with the latest Android software. The audience, therefore, is quite large as there are hundreds of such smartphones out there. Important note: To avoid any misunderstandings, ‎‎the ‎‎”Depth API”‎‎ is addressed mainly, if not only, to developers.‎

The ‎‎colossus from Mountain‎ View, California, in other words, gives powerful tools to developers, so that they can explore the new and unmapped capabilities of this technology, with the ultimate goal that AR experiences can be customized‎‎ in such a way that they are ‎‎totally user-friendly to the public‎‎. A simple example of the new features is this: one ball, in the older versions of AR, was very likely not to ‎‎”bounce”‎‎ on a wall or stick to a carpet. This, however, is now changing since technology recognizes the materials more accurately.‎

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In conclusion, it is good to mention that at this stage ‎‎developments‎‎ can be ‎‎impressive for developers‎‎, but the public still cannot perceive huge changes. The important thing is that the first step is done. Even Chrome is meant to function as a research field within an app‎‎.

A reliable AR technology is right at the doorstep. It only has to be tested by Google for some years. Before it becomes a reality.

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