Google announces the arrival of the new Android 11

Google announces the arrival of the new Android 11

In a related post, Google announced the arrival of the new version of the mobile operating system, “Android 11”, which offers simpler ways to manage conversations, connected devices, privacy, and more.

In honor of the new “Android 11” Google mentions the eleven new features that come with the new software:

Better communication with everyone

1. With “Android 11”, communications made with each messaging app are transferred to a specially designed area in notifications, making it easier to communicate on the spot. You can also prioritize communications with your loved ones, so that you never miss a message.

2. The “balloons” make multitasking on your device as easy as a game. You can reply to important communications without leaving or closing the application you are using.

3. Built-in “screen recording” is a fact: you can now videotape and share what’s happening on your mobile. Record audio from a microphone, your device, or both; without the use of an additional application.

New ways to control connected devices and media

4. Now you can access all the smart devices from one place, just by holding down the “start” button. Check connected devices -such as the thermostat, smart lock, etc.- with one touch, without opening multiple applications.

5. Redesign of the media control system to make it easier than ever before to use them. Now you can select the media player by transferring your music from the speakers to the headset without missing a moment.

6. “Android Auto” now works wirelessly for all devices running “Android 11” and for all compatible vehicles. Now you can -without the use of a cable, at the touch of a button- ask for instructions, send a message, or ask for help from “Google Assistant”, among others.

More privacy and data control

7. An one approval gives you access to your microphone, camera and location for a single use only. The next time an application needs access to these tools it will need to ask you for approval again.

8. If you haven’t used the app for a long time, you might not want it to continue to access your data. “Android 11” will now automatically reset approvals for apps that aren’t in use and let you know accordingly; you can always choose to re-approve the app the next time you open it. 

9. Through the new “Google Play” update systems, your phone receives more security and privacy updates, in the same way that an app is updated. This way you will get updates as soon as possible without having to wait for a new version of all the software.

10. For Android Enterprise users, “Android 11” provides the security locks that personal devices have on corporate devices. Your professional profile gives the “IT” department of the company access to all the tools for managing the device, without having access to your personal profile or your personal data.

Even more with the Pixel

11. If you use “Pixel 2” or a newer version of it, you’ll get additional tools to organize your device, through the recommended apps, based on your everyday life, and new ways to “screenshot” in an app, or to select an image, text, and more.

“Android 11” will start installing on selected “Pixel”, “OnePlus”, “Xiaomi”, “OPPO” and “Realme” devices.

In the coming months more partner manufacturers will update their devices with the new software.

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