Fall Creators Update: When it comes and what does the new Windows 10 update include?

Fall Creators Update: Πότε έρχεται και τι περιλαμβάνει το νέο update των Windows 10

© naftemporiki.gr Fall Creators Update: When it comes and what does the new Windows 10 update contain?

The next update of Windows 10, called Fall Creators Update, will be available globally in October 2017, Microsoft announced during IFA in Berlin.

The new update focuses on the areas of photography, video and 3D effects, and improvements in gaming and security are also provided, with particular emphasis on promoting the Windows Mixed Reality platform through a range of new devices available from the Microsoft partner companies in October.

Below is a presentation of the new update features as presented by Microsoft.

Windows Inking

Windows Inking is improved by allowing users to “write” directly onto PDF documents, making it easier and quicker to send documents with comments to other users. Smart Ink, uses artificial intelligence automatically, making the design of squares even better. With Windows Find my Pen, users will be able to find their pen if they have lost it.

Photos and Videos

In Fall Creators Update, Windows Photos has been redesigned, so users can tell stories with photos, videos, 3D and ink.

OneDrive On Demand Files

Users can store their creations in OneDrive OnDemand files by accessing their cloud files as they do in any other file on their computer without having to store them locally.


The Fall Creators Update will have a new, enhanced Game Mode that will allow gamers to use the full power of editing any device as if it were an Xbox console with the help of the new button on the Gamebar. In order to take advantage of this feature, Microsoft has an Xbox Play Anywhere lineup of games, including: Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Also the Xbox One X will be available on November 7th.


Fall Creators Update brings improvements to Windows 10 security. Windows Defender is smarter and better protects than in the past by using cloud intelligence that allows new defenses against ransomware attacks. In addition, Windows 10 S, introduced last May, includes significant improvements in battery life and performance.


As reported in the press release, with Fall Creators Update, Microsoft makes Windows more accessible to patients with Lou Gherring, a neurodegenerative disease that progressively affects the brain’s ability to control body muscles. A new feature, Eye Control, allows users to type and operate the mouse using their eye movements.

Windows Mixed Reality

Fall Creators Update also focuses on Windows Mixed Reality, which combines the natural and digital world with users to wear a headset and connect it to their computer to get started. Devices of this kind will be available from a wide range of Microsoft partners worldwide, such as Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo, priced starting at $299. Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be available on October 17 along with Fall Creators Update release. As Microsoft points out, the experience of mixed reality will also be able to live with users who will not have headsets in their computer. With the Mixed Reality Viewer, they can see 3D objects -either from the Remix3D.com community or their own creations through Paint 3D- blended into their environment through their computer’s camera.

For Windows Mixed Reality headsets, their prices will start at $299 and will be as follows:

  • Acer will offer its Windows Mixed Reality Headset with motion controls.
  • ASUS’s Mixed Reality headset will be available in the spring of 2018 and will offer a special design with a pattern of hundreds of three-dimensional polygons.
  • The Dell Visor has a 1440 x 1440 LCD high resolution display, offering a 360 ° panoramic experience, giving users a sense of their natural presence in the game.
  • HP’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset will be available with two motion controls.
  • Lenovo Explorer was designed for comfort so that users can experience the experience of the world of Mixed Reality for longer periods of time.


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