Emphasis on safety gives Google Chrome 75

© naftemporiki.gr Emphasis on safety gives Google Chrome 75

Google’s highly popular browser, has risen to version 75, which is trying to protect users from online hazards.

One of the elements that is new to the latest version of Google Chrome and can offer greater security is that it can detect false URLs, so the user can be taken directly to the original site that interests him, not to another with misleading content.

It is commonplace that on the Internet there are URLs that are written in a similar way to a original site, in order to drive the unsuspecting user to a website with malicious content. Chrome 75 scores sites with the misleading URL and informs the user with a full-screen warning message. Then, the “Continue” prompt is displayed, which leads to the correct site.

There is also an extension, named “Suspicious Site Reporter”, which works in the updated Google Chrome, in order to ‎‎gather from all users in a shared database all sites with misleading URL and malicious or dangerous content‎‎. A small flag appears next to the search field to tell the user in real time that he is visiting a bad site. If someone clicks on this flag, they can see why a site is considered as an unsafe place, and from there the user can choose to send that URL for further review by Google.

The system that Google brings is called “Safe Browsing” and, in addition to the risk of a website, it also warns of dangerous “downloads” from unidentified sources.

By making Chrome available to more than 4 billion devices globally, these moves by Google are considered a powerful step towards better protection in the online environment.

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