Dark Mode available in eBay Native Apps

Dark Mode available in eBay Native Apps
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eBay launches “Dark Mode” for all its “native” applications. This feature is designed to enhance the consumer experience, leverage device settings, create greater accessibility, and deliver optimal quality to the platform’s customers.

So far, “Dark Mode” is the most sought-after “app feature” for 2020. Now most users know that bright screens can tire the eyes; when the eyes are strained throughout the day and at night, negative habits around our sleep, our concentration and our health in general are affected.

Applying a color scheme, with light text, icons and graphical user interface elements, to a dark background, the “Dark Mode” feature offers a comfortable visual experience. Following all directions and standards regarding “contrast”, the “Dark Mode” feature, is also suitable for customers who have light sensitivity and vision problems, helping them navigate the application more easily.

As an added benefit, the “Dark Mode” feature helps save battery life due to low power consumption.

How it works

eBay has updated its apps to support the choice of this feature for both Android and iOS platforms. These applications can work with either light or dark color palettes, depending on the user’s preferences.

To access the “Dark Mode” feature for iOS devices, the users must click on the “Display & Brightness” option that they will find in the app settings on their device. From there, you can switch between “Light” and “Dark” backgrounds. Also, the user has the option to set a “Display Schedule” that dictates when the “Dark Mode” service is activated.

To access the “Dark Theme” feature for Android 10 devices as well as others, the users will need to activate the “Dark Theme” feature on their device, from the display settings of the Android device. In addition, all Android users can enable the feature through the settings of the eBay application, in the “Theme” menu, as well as can enable and disable the “Dark Theme” option within the application or device settings.

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