Create Spotify Playlists on Facebook Messenger!

Create Spotify Playlists on Facebook Messenger!
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Spotify offers a new feature for its subscribers using “Facebook Messenger”.

In fact, Spotify’s new feature works through a “Facebook Messenger” plug-in that allows you to create playlists together with your chat friends.

To make this possible, a person using Spotify can start a collective list and then invite other users and friends via “Facebook Messenger” to start adding songs to the shared list.

Spotify’s feature is called “Group Playlists for Messenger”, and it is thought to be an ideal way to create music for traveling by car, for the party and many other occasions, such as the one-year music review between friends and acquaintances.

People who join the shared list through the “Spotify Chat Extension” can add music to the list by pressing “+”.

One thing worth noting is that all “Facebook Messenger” users can intervene in the Spotify collective list, even if they have not created a Spotify account.

According to Spotify’s announcement, those users who want to try this feature can click on:


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