Autonomous robots for charging electric vehicles by Volkswagen

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Sooner or later electric vehicles will flood the roads of developed countries, which will inevitably create the need to build more charging stations and may give birth to a problem due to limited positions and long hours required, at least with current data.‎

For this reason, ‎‎Volkswagen proposes an alternative‎‎ that could ‎‎reduce the costs needed to build the charging stations‎‎ and ‎‎eliminate the dedicated parking spaces.‎‎ It is a ‎‎special robot‎‎ that can be ‎‎placed in any conventional car parking lot and used for charging electric vehicles.‎

According to, ‎‎each robot includes all equipment for charging an electric vehicle and can move autonomously in the parking lot. After the driver parks in any position, he can ‎‎call the robot-charger via the separate application for smartphones or from his vehicle screen‎‎. The ‎‎robot activates itself, finds itself the position of the vehicle that needs charging, asks wirelessly from the vehicle to open the socket outlet and then connects its portable battery‎‎. Then it ‎‎returns to its position and waits until the vehicle is fully charged to disconnect and collect the portable battery‎‎.‎

This whole ‎‎process is done without any human intervention‎‎. The ‎‎robot is equipped with a multitude of sensors, cameras and scanners that allow it to move autonomously within a parking lot‎‎, without touching other vehicles, whether they are stopped or moving. The ‎‎portable batteries carry a capacity of 25 kWh and the charging speed reaches a maximum of 50 KW‎‎.‎

‎An interesting and very practical solution for the future of electric vehicles.‎
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