‎Attention! New scam on WhatsApp: If you see this message erase it immediately! (pics‎)

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‎At risk users of the popular application.‎

‎At risk are the users of the application ‎‎”WhatsApp”‎‎ ‎since -according to what the ‎‎British “Sun” reports– ‎‎hackers have found a way to ‎‎ ‎‎ ‎‎”invade”‎‎the application‎‎ and, by extension, mobile phones stealing personal data.‎

‎In order to prevent this from happening‎, Facebook, which is the owner of the specific application, has issued –according to Sun‎”‎– a notice informing users to update ‎”WhatsApp”‎‎ software so that their application is protected from unwanted ‎‎”intruders‎‎”.‎

‎The ‎‎problem with “WhatsApp”‎‎ ‎‎software was‎‎ detected by an anonymous cyber researcher under the nickname ‎‎”Awakened”‎‎.‎

‎Hackers send a GIF loaded with malware that could be used to attack users of “WhatsApp”. The victim simply needs to open the gallery on “WhatsApp” to send an image to trigger the attack.‎

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