Art in a Sec makes your pet a painting portrait!

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Anyone who has a ‎‎pet‎‎ knows very well that the beloved animal is a member of the family. Honoring this, he can now -with the help of ‎‎artificial intelligence-‎‎ capture the personality of the cat or his dog in an artistic way.‎

On the ‎‎Art in a Sec‎‎ website, choosing from hundreds of visual effects, he can in minutes have an ‎‎8k painting‎‎ in which the four-legged or winged friend is illustrated.‎

From the ‎‎moment the person has uploaded the photo of his pet, it takes less than two minutes until he sees a portrait from a palette of electronic ‎”Painter”‎‎.‎

‎The ‎‎algorithms of the company‎”Understand”‎‎ ‎in practice what they paint and its shape‎‎, resulting in ‎‎any work of art that arises to be personalized‎‎.

‎The ‎‎style refers to the Pointillism (the technique we know from Georges Seurat and Paul Signac but also from Van Gogh’s 1887 self-portrait‎‎).‎

The ‎‎interested party can experiment before deciding which portrait wants to be printed on canvas‎‎. Which can be ‎‎with or without frame, in 24 different sizes‎‎.
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