Apps to organize your life

Apps to organize your life
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It is difficult to organize our day. And day by day the organization becomes even more difficult. “Tasks” at work, goals, supermarket shopping, important “emails”, bills; all of these must somehow fit into a row.

And these apps will help you:

ColorNote” Notepad Notes: Notebook for anything

With the “ColorNote” app, you can organize the whole month perfectly into one app without getting lost.

  • Organize your notes by color
  • Put your notes on your home screen
  • Make lists of what you have to do, but also lists for the supermarket
  • “Tick” what you’ve done
  • Fill in what you have to do in the diary.
  • Write in the calendar
  • Lock the app with a code
  • “Backup” your notes to the device’s external memory
  • “Backup” to a “cloud” app
  • Ask the app to send you notifications about your notes
  • See your notes in “list” format or in “boxes”
  • You have the ability to search for a note

“Notebloc”: Scanner application 

With the “Notebloc” application you can share documents, after you take a photo of them, in perfect electronic format. The files can be saved in “PDF” or “JPEG” format.

  • You can use any type of paperwork: Documents, receipts, sketches, drawings or photographs.
  • With the “batch scan” option you can scan multiple pages together.
  • You have the ability to organize your files into folders and subfolders.
  • The application can “read” handwritten or printed texts in 18 languages. However, Greek is not one of them. If you want, you can transfer your scan file here:
  • The app automatically detects the corners of a document and also automatically corrects the perspective of the final image.
  • Shadows are automatically removed.
  • You can use the photo app you already have on your phone.

Goal Tracker & Habit List & Workout Calendar”: All Your Guilt in One App

Do you want to change habits? Do you want to hit goals you set every day and put off? Do you really want to start working out and get good habits? This app might put your goals in order.

  • You can set weekly, monthly or annual targets
  • The app will notify you whenever you need to remember to achieve the goal you’ve set.
  • You can have your goals in widgets; on your home screen that is.
  • You can save your goals and progress to either the device or “Dropbox”.
  • The app makes a daily “backup” (either on the device or in “Dropbox”) and allows you to use the calendar to reset a goal that may have been erased.
  • The app every week shows you your progress.


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