Apple wants to teach Siri not to… overhear its users

© Apple wants to teach Siri not to… overhear its users

Apple seems ready to temporarily stop a worldwide program that allows third-party contractors to hear recorded requests from Apple product users to popular digital assistant “Siri”.

The reason that seems to have led Apple to this move is that third parties choose to listen to the conversations and questions that “Siri” users ask, without their consent, using -in a bad way- the capabilities that the technology offers. The reason Apple has this feature is for Apple’s diagnostic purposes, but there is information that wants third-party applications to take advantage of this feature for their own benefit.

According to a Guardian article, information obtained by third parties from interacting with “Siri” related to medical confidential information, recordings of couples making love and other sensitive information that had occured after “Siri” accidentally activated. As soon as Apple realized that this was happening, it decided to cease this feature in order to provide protection to the user data of its products.

Many Internet technology inspections have reported this, pointing out that Apple stores these recordings for a period of no more than 6 months, while anonymous recording is retained -after the end of these 6 months- without any user authentication for up to two years, with the sole purpose of improving “Siri”‘s performance.

It is obvious that there are many parties concerned about the extent to which technology giants interfere with the privacy of unsuspecting users of the products and services they offer.
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