Apple reveals the new iOS 13 with dark mode and enhanced Maps‎ application


Apple has unveiled its latest “iPhone” operating system from the WWDC conference held in San Jose, United States.

“iOS 13”, which will become available in 2019, brings a number of new features that can be exploited by application developers as well as improved end-user performance. The new element, which many “iPhone” users have no doubt expected, is the addition of “dark mode”, a dark interface to “iPhone” devices.

In addition to “dark mode”, major improvements have been made to the “Maps” application, with more accurate viewing of locations and high resolution street view images. According to Apple, users will be able to set up favorite sites or give friends their estimated time of arrival at a specific location. Additionally, Apple promises to protect the user’s privacy while tracking the route.

Now, Apple’s operating system will also have a new way of getting “Sign in”. More specifically, the company unveiled the new “Sign in with Apple” feature, which simply means that ‎if you download an application that you need to do ‎‎”log in”‎‎, you can use the ‎‎”Face ID”‎‎ instead of using Google and Facebook accounts, as has been the case to date‎‎.‎ Another security feature added to “iOS 13” is the ability to “hide” your email from applications that ask for it. “Hide My Email” feature allows the new “iOS 13” to produce a random and unique email address which in turn will be redirected to the actual email address.

Upgrading has also been made to the “Messages” app, which now adds the ability to choose who you share with a name and a photo when you send a message. At the same time, there has been a huge addition of new “Memoji” at the user’s disposal, while another interesting feature is that the “AirPods” headers will be able to respond to messages via the “Messages” app -or any other similar application- via voice commands. In this function role is taken by the digital assistant “Siri”, which will read the user incoming messages.

When it comes to “Siri” we have to say that there is now a more detailed set of Shortcuts that the user wants, and there will be a new sound for the voice of “Siri”, which sounds more natural and less mechanic.

We also have a major upgrade for the app “Photos”, to be able to process photos to a much greater extent, including the ability to adjust the lighting in “portrait mode”. Similar editing settings have been introduced for videos too. Another change has to do with browsing the pictures, since files can now be classified by day, month, year, with the actual events getting their own albums inside the categories. For example, if someone’s birthday is in June he will see an album for his birthday inside the view for that month. It is noteworthy that during the presentation at WWDC, “Photos” app had the ability to display photos from respective conferences over the last few years.

Unlike what happened in previous years with “iOS 12” and “iOS 11”, the new upgrade will not be supported by all of Apple’s older devices. So “iOS 13” will be available for “iPhone 6S”, “iPhone 7”, “iPhone 8”, “iPhone X”, “iPhone XR” and “iPhone XS”, leaving the “iPhone 6” and fatally all the devices before that out.

“IOS 13” will be first available to developers, with the first beta version coming in the summer and the final release coming in the fall with the new “iPhone” family.
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