Apple removed infinite Apps from the App Store in one day!

Apple removed infinite Apps from the App Store in one day!
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Apple has recently launched a major cleaning process in the “App Store” to remove clones and spam applications, and it looks like the company is running it so fast in China as well.

A report from the Chinese website “” reveals that Apple has removed at least 58,000 apps from the Chinese “App Store” in just two weeks.

The higher removal rate was achieved on June 15, when “Cupertino” removed the plug in no less than 22,000 apps, which is 10 times larger than the number of apps removed from the “App Store” for violating its instructions.

Specifics are not available, but Apple has already been criticized for some of its most recent decisions about Chinese businesses, with some claims that the “iPhone” manufacturer is struggling to compete with local companies, whose services are launched in terms of their adoption.

Apple, however, has already removed hundreds of thousands of apps from the global “App Store” as part of a major cleaning process that includes blocking applications such as “spam” and “clones”.

Only in China 33.5% of the removed apps are said to be games, as Apple is struggling to solve a problem that has grown significantly after the “Flappy Bird saga”.

A growing number of games published in the “App Store” are nothing more than the clones of the famous game “Flappy Bird”, and Apple wants to remove them as it believes “copycats” can affect the revenue of the original developers.

At the same time, Apple is also moving to applications created with “online” standards or services , that essentially lead to more clones or junk e-mail applications, so it’s not surprising that such a large number of items are affected by the cleaning process.

Aggressive removal of Apple’s apps continues nowadays, but the company has not yet provided any information or details, although more details are expected to emerge soon as the number of applications that darken will increase.


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