Apple prepares for the next day after iPhone

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‎The ‎‎successor to the iPhone‎‎ will not be a device like any other, as in the coming years, ‎‎Apple‎‎ is expected to present something new that exceeds current status.‎

According to “Business Insider”, Apple has already begun to consider what could be a successor to such a successful creation as the iPhone, for at least five years ahead. The new product is estimated to be in the form of glasses, perhaps similar to what Google had presented in the past.

The most likely year for Apple to introduce something so innovative is considered to be 2022, but we’ll have to wait at least a decade before a smartphone can be completely replaced by something so different that it can bring together the features of a mobile and a wearable device at the same time.

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The glasses expected to be presented by Apple in 2022 is likely to be a first example of how the company envisions the world of smartphones the next day. Another proposal is expected to be presented by the US company in 2023, which will look more like sunglasses. In all cases, Apple will end up with augmented reality technology for its glasses, something that many analysts should consider a given.

Apple has already introduced AR software for the iPhone, three tools that can help developers build applications for such solutions.

It’s worth noting that Apple’s CEO himself, Tim Cook, has expressed his opinion on the future of the iPhone and its relationship with Augmented Reality technology, meaning that it is expected to change the way we interact with technology on a daily basis forever.

Everyone is looking forward to Apple’s next mobile step.

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