Amazon introduces a new way of communicating with Alexa

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At a ‎‎last event‎‎, Amazon announced it would sell a limited amount of its new, experimental gadgets. The titles are “Day 1 Editions” and the news is that not everyone will be able to get them, but only anyone who receives an invitation from the company.

Based on consumer reviews and reactions to this new technology, Amazon will decide whether to launch its new products in bulk. The ‎‎focus is on ‎‎”Echo Loop”‎‎ and ‎‎”Echo Frames‎‎”‎‎.‎

These are the first two products Amazon will test, which are a digital ring and digital glasses. Of course, although this is not the first time Amazon has combined glasses and technology (remember the “Google Glass”), this time approaches the subject with a different perspective.

Unlike “Google Glass”, “Echo Frames” do not have a camera. They are simple glasses with minimalist design that can connect with Alexa (Amazon’s digital assistant) to listen and respond to commands.

The $180 “Echo Frames” feature a simple crystal, but can be replaced to transform the glasses into myopia (or whatever) depending on their owner’s visual needs. The glasses have a built-in microphone and headphones that allow the user to listen to music, podcasts, or Alexa’s answers to the questions asked.

But Amazon’s other product, the “Echo Loop”, is more exciting. It is a communication ring with Alexa, which incorporates two microphones and a small speaker.

The ring has the same purpose as the “Echo Frames” and its retail price is $129. It allows users to communicate with Alexa more easily without having to use a mobile phone.

Is it the Next Big Thing?

Whenever we think we have reached the peak of technology, it will always make the appearance of the next big thing, which reminds us that we have a long way to go. Amazon has taken the next step by introducing to the market a technology that aims to make it easier to use its existing products.

Both “Echo Frames” and “Echo Loop” aim to make Alexa more easily accessible in every possible everyday situation. The natural pursuit is to increase sales and focus, by promoting a futuristic technology. Of course, despite the fact that we’ve seen glasses incorporating technology in the past, it may be strange to see a person talking to his ring and listening to what it says. Also, the “Echo Loop” is a bit larger than a regular ring and this may work as a deterrent for some users.

However, we are still not going to reject these experimental products. In addition, the microwave oven that could be activated by Alexa was initially strange, but in the process became a best seller.
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