‎Alexa and Google Assistant monitor their users‎

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New information that sees the spotlight reveal that ‎‎devices preinstalled with Google Assistant, as well as Alexa, can be exploited by hackers.‎

This is not the first time it is known that ‎‎Google’s and Amazon’s digital assistants can be used for malicious purposes by third parties‎‎ in order to monitor a home or help hackers in a phishing attack to extract personal data. Both ‎‎Google‎‎ and ‎‎Amazon have been making corrective actions several times in order to stop the consequences of the security gaps that have arisen.‎

‎ZD Net publishes new data that has emerged from the study by researchers at Security Research Labs and shows that the ‎‎tool that companies give to developers‎‎ in order to ‎‎develop their own applications by integrating these digital assistants‎‎ can be the ‎‎backdoor through which a hacker can gain control of home assistants.‎

The worrying thing is that -according to researchers always- it is estimated that it is ‎‎very easy for someone to gain control over the applications’ functions,‎‎ which they find to have a problem and immediately after they gain ‎‎control of the critical security functions.‎‎ As an ‎‎app with Google Assistant and Alexa appears to have a problem in its operation, it remains active and can thus launch a phishing attack.‎‎ ‎‎Similar‎‎ appears to be the ‎‎logic in attacks where a hacker wants to overhear or monitor a home.‎

According to ZD Net,‎‎ ‎‎Google‎‎ and ‎‎Amazon‎‎ announced that they have ‎‎taken steps to prevent this problem from occurring,‎‎ while they note that under ‎‎no circumstances, any digital assistant will ask a user to enter his/her password into a service.‎

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