Adonis: “Smart” Luxury Yacht with artificial intelligence Adonis: “Smart” Luxury Yacht with artificial intelligence

Adonis (Adonis) is the name of a luxury yacht that was presented at CES in Las Vegas, by 2019 the Furrion. It is the first yacht ever occurs in the show and flagship of the fleet concept.

The 24 measures customised yacht created in collaboration with the Numarine and combines cutting-edge technologies (from audiovisual electronics, to sighting systems via cameras) with artificial intelligence for the purposes of a luxury yacht.

”The introduction of Angel, a virtual “concierge” of artificial intelligence, gives consumers a ubiquitous Assistant, regardless of Internet connection”,

said Mati Fintler, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Furrion.

Angel controls single all systems of yacht, from audiovisual systems to security systems and observation, but the chef’s kitchen. According to the company,

Angel works thanks to a network that knows no boundaries and is created with intelligence that responds to your every move. Is always ready to help in ways that once only dreamed that it would be possible”. Adonis: “Smart” Luxury Yacht with artificial intelligence

The system informs about the news and weather, orders food from the kitchen, guiding in the gym and has many other various functions. Using facial recognition technology, learning user preferences and adapt to them, making suggestions as a new activity in, a new restaurant or possibly new clothes. Accepts voice commands (via the phrase “Hi Angel”). Also in Adonis there is a series of Furrion Smart Mirror with interactive screen, through which it is possible to interact with the artificial intelligence system. The “smart” mirrors of the company operate essentially as large tablets or touch screens and work and offline, as information is collected and stored from the Internet when connected.

Angel also takes over the safety of the boat, controlling and monitoring all the cameras, and there is a drone, which can take off to provide a picture of the vessel from above and out, or used simply for entertainment purposes. Yet, the luxury yacht includes Sense TV, which has built-in sound bar and technology against vibration, to compensate for the motion of the sea.

According to the “New Atlas”, Furrion hopes the vessel will be ready to go on sale by the end of 2019.
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