80% of users invent their own passwords

80% of users invent their own passwords
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recent Kaspersky report found that 83% of users invent their own passwords, while 54% say they do not know how to check if any of their login details have been compromised.

Passwords are the most common method of identification, but they are effective only if they are difficult to breach and only if they remain confidential. And with the growing number of applications requiring them, it can be difficult to find new ideas for complex passwords and be able to remember them all; especially when users may be required to change their passwords regularly.

In addition to this creativity challenge for users, it becomes even more vital to store passwords securely and to pay attention to possible cases where these credentials may leak.

According to Kaspersky’s report, 55% of users claim to remember all their passwords; which can be difficult if security requirements such as password complexity and uniqueness have to be met; one in five (19%) keep them registered in a file or document stored on their computer, while 18% use their browsers on their computers, smartphones or tablets to store their passwords. 

However, there are some ways to check if your password has been leaked; for example, services like “Have I Been Pawned?” maintain a database where users can check whether their passwords have been included in public leaks or data breaches without having to visit suspicious parts of the internet. 

To ensure the security of personal data, Kaspersky recommends that users:

• Minimize the number of people you share your account login information with and never leave your passwords exposed to others; either on paper or on a device.

• Try solutions that allow you to control how strong your password is and how long it will take scammers to breach it. 

• Use strong passwords generated by a trusted security solution. 

• Find out if passwords you use to access online accounts have been compromised. 

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