6G promises very high speeds

6G promises very high speeds
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We may still be far from the era of widespread use of 5G, but scientists are now talking about the 6G and the speeds this will offer.

Chinese researchers -who are thought to be at the forefront of technological developments with regard to next-generation mobile networks- have already begun to talk about 6G and present some of the impressive technical features that it can offer in its day-to-day use. In fact, the first information refers to speeds that can exceed 8,000 times what 5G can deliver.

According to GSM Arena, these sixth generation networks, from which we are a very long time away, are estimated to offer such high speeds that new channels of evolution will open up on the mobile Internet and internet of things. Researchers’ estimates refer to speeds that can reach up to 1 TB/s, an awe-inspiring performance.

As mentioned above, it will take a long time for 6G to be implemented, as even for 5G it would take several years of research and development. It is worth noting that the development of 5G began in 2008 to reach 2020, which is the year of its universal application.

It is reasonable to expect that the start of the development of 6G may be timed in the present, but the first writing samples are expected to be seen in the distant future.

The concept of connectivity to so high-speed networks is estimated to be completely different from what can be defined today, while many different services will be able to be handled with immediacy and clarity, changing everyday life.

Early estimates, however, predict that a sixth generation network will allow downloading 40 or 50 movies in 4K quality in just one second, which seems to be a summer night dream today.

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