‎5 Google Chrome tricks that will simplify your life‎

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Chrome is the tech world’s most popular browser‎‎ and it is no surprise that it is considered one of the ‎‎pillars of Google’s products ‎in the unlimited world of online services. Many experts even insist that this is a rather undervalued tool or -more correctly- is something that ‎‎users do not exploit in 100%‎‎. The latter obviously happens because ‎‎they do not know all of its functions‎‎, which span quite a wide range.‎

‎Here are ‎‎5 of the most useful ones‎‎.‎

Keyboard shortcuts:‎

‎We are referring of course to those ‎‎key combinations that work when, for whatever reason, the mouse cannot be used‎‎. These ‎‎‎‎”combos”‎‎ allow flexibility and immediacy‎‎, although the truth is that a few seconds are not going to save your life.‎

‎Some very characteristic shortcuts:‎

  • ‎Ctrl + 1-8 = switch between open tabs‎
  • ‎Ctrl + 9 = go to the last open tab‎
  • ‎Ctrl + H = Show History‎
  • ‎Ctrl + C = Copy a selected item‎
  • ‎Ctrl + V = Paste a selected item‎
  • ‎Ctrl + T = Open new tab‎
  • ‎Ctrl + Shift + T = recover one tab that just closed‎
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‎A shortcut on the desktop: ‎

‎For every program you use on your PC‎‎ –always means ‎‎via Chrome‎‎ (mostly web sites and Google apps)– there can be a ‎‎corresponding desktop icon‎‎, which brings immediacy and ease. ‎‎One of the most typical examples is the ‎‎”Google Maps”‎‎. How are you going to do something like that? You ‎‎open the program or app you want, go to ‎‎”More tools”‎‎, ‎‎from the menu that appears in the 3 dots, in the top right of the screen, and just ‎‎click on ‎‎”Create shortcut”‎‎.‎

‎The use of the Task M‎‎anager:‎

‎To do this, you follow the ‎‎same procedure as the desktop shortcut, however, by selecting “‎‎Task Manager” in More Tools‎. The function of this table serves to ‎‎show you the complete list of resources used at all times‎‎. ‎‎Its list includes all open Chrome tabs and installed app extensions‎‎.‎

‎The size of text boxes:‎

‎Few know that ‎‎Chrome has the ability to format the frame size of each text‎‎. This function is ‎‎already default‎‎ and you can modify it ‎‎by ‎‎”dragging”‎‎ with the mouse the right bottom edge of each text box‎‎.‎

‎The Google Cloud‎‎ Print‎

‎As you can tell if you speak English well, it is a ‎‎service that allows you to print via ‎‎”Cloud”‎‎. This means that you can ‎‎use a printer that is connected to the Internet, without necessarily being in your location and connected to your PC via cable‎‎. You simply go to the ‎‎Chrome menu, choose ‎‎”Settings”‎‎ and then ‎‎”Google Cloud Print”‎‎. The printer names will be displayed immediately, so choose the one you need‎‎.‎

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