‎Apple: end of an era for iTunes‎

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The end of “iTunes”, after 18 years, Apple announced at the annual conference of developers.

In particular, the company plans to split the application into three services that will provide podcasts, television programs and music.

The update will take effect with the “macOS 10.15” software release, according to “theverge.com”.

The three new apps will feature settings bars and clean menus to help users navigate, unlike the “iTunes”, which was awkward.

The application helped establish the era of “iPod” and was one of the primary ways to store music, but “iTunes” became increasingly slow as Apple added more and more features to the application.

Now, “Apple Music” will focus on music, offering targeted recommendations according to user preferences.

‎Respectively, “Apple TV” will be the vehicle through which the American giant will offer its own television productions.

The company is expected to spend about $ 2 billion this year to create original content that hopes to compete with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon’s already established television services.

Source: CNN-Greece
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